In Cannes showed the most mysterious film of the competitive program

In Cannes showed the most mysterious film of the competitive program Mexican Director Carlos reygadas, known for "Battle in heaven" and with 2007 Cannes jury prize "Silent light", brought to the festival the most mysterious film of the current competition program entitled "After darkness light" (Post Tenebras Lux), RIA "Novosti".The main characters, Juan and Natalia (Adolfo jimГ©nez Castro and Natalia Semedo), move to live out of the city to the village together with two children, Ruth and Eleazar, who played children of the Director."To remove children - that is, to remove water or trees. Awesome experience. They, of course, had no idea what we are talking about the film, and acted as accustomed. From adults I tried to achieve the same effect," he said Thursday at a press conference in Cannes.Apart from the fact that we are talking about family, in the story of the little that is clear, and the image from time to time turns out to be blurred and double edges."It's a matter of Outlook on life. I transform it a bit - people in this format seem to be very beautiful. We filmed with 10 cameras and tried to distort captured on the installation," explained Reygadas.He spoke about the title."I was a little worried when I was assigned a film called "After darkness light", because in the credits of the previous film had the word "light". You never know, suddenly people would think I was crazy or blind," said the Director.Reygadas said that actually the way of light, illuminating the darkness, perfectly captures the essence of human life."The characters in the movie, like all of us, wandering in darkness, but in the end they are overtaken by a flash of insight - says Juan closer to the finale, "everything begins to glow," said the Director, adding that one of the sources of inspiration for it was the Tolstoy novel "War and peace", where the theme of illumination filed in a very realistic manner.Source: Cannes showed the most mysterious film of the competitive program.

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