Award `Big book` has announced the shortlist

Award `Big book` has announced the shortlistWednesday, may 30, in Moscow was announced the finalists of the national literary prize "Big book". As informs RIA of news in the shortlist were 14 works:Maria Galina "Mole Crickets". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Bruce Willis almost burned down in the film `die hard 5`

Bruce Willis almost burned down in the film `die hard 5`Famous Hollywood actor almost burned down in the movie "die hard 5" in Hungary. The scenario of the film hero Bruce, detective John McClane must make the leap from a helicopter onto the roof of a burning house.For this purpose built five-storey plywood house. The building caught fire quickly, unexpectedly. Politisk your helicopter spinning blades fanned the flames even more. The fire quickly moved into the category of fire. To put it out failed, the scenery is completely burned. Читать полностью -->

The bloody history of childhood Charlize Theron backfired her later years

The bloody history of childhood Charlize Theron backfired her later yearsIn the house where many years ago the mother of Hollywood Actresses, she shot her own father, happened new bloody crime.About the circumstances surrounding the death of the father of Hollywood actress and one of the most beautiful blondes of today Charlize Theron for a long time prefer not to. In numerous interviews she told me that Charles Theron died in a car crash, but then the truth became public knowledge. Her mother Gerda Maritz back in 1990 before the eyes of 15-year-old Woman shot and killed her husband Charles Theron, who has been abused alcohol.Later, speaking of this day, Charlize repeatedly admitted that he admires his mother fights to protect her child. She admitted to journalists that on that fateful night her father came home drunk, took the shotgun off the wall and began to threaten his wife and daughter. A fight ensued, in which Gerda mortally wounded husband. The court found that the woman had not exceeded the limits of necessary defense, and the mother of Charlize Theron met. Читать полностью -->

In the fourth part of the `Transformers` will be new robots

In the fourth part of the `Transformers` will be new robotsIn the fourth part of "Transformers" the audience will be presented very different robots. As reported by the resource TFW2005, this statement was made by the President of Hasbro Brian Goldner at the conference Best Of Americas 2012.He explained that, despite the box office success of the third part, the line of toys released based on it, sold significantly worse than expected guidance Hasbro."That's why in the new film you will see the new transformers movie. And the plot will be built around them," he added. Brian Goldner also introduced the first logo picture available in high resolution via this link.We will remind that earlier it was also announced that starring in the first of the trilogy will not return in the fourth film. Their mission will take over other actors.The third part has collected in world hire more than one billion one hundred million dollars."Transformers 4" will be released on 27 June 2014. Source: In the fourth part of "Transformers" will have new robots. Читать полностью -->

Claire Danes photographed for GQ magazine

Claire Danes photographed for GQ magazine American actress Claire Danes graced the cover of the September issue of British GQ magazine.33-year-old movie star, who recently confirmed the pregnancy rumors, appeared on the cover of gloss in luxurious Maxi dress milky color from the new collection of Ralph Lauren Black Label.In an interview with Claire admitted that he turned down the role of rose in the legendary film "Titanic" because of childish ambitions:"In that period when I got the offer from the producer of "Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio just finished shooting the film "Romeo and Juliet," says the actress, " I thought again to star in a romantic movie with Leo is too. Now I realize that was a dumb kid with ambition. I always work too seriously. Now that I'm older, I would have changed a lot and allow myself to be a teenager and not eager to grow up so fast". Source: Claire Danes photographed for GQ magazine . . Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Stotskaya told about my son and husband

Anastasia Stotskaya told about my son and husbandPopular singer Anastasia Stotskaya recently celebrated the 30th anniversary. The actress gave a candid interview in which he told about his son, about how drastically life changes with the change of hair color, and a husband who is carefully hidden from journalists.Recently Anastasia Stotskaya celebrated its 30th anniversary. The celebration took place in the cosy restaurant with a minimum of comfort. As part of the anniversary the artist has given the big interview in which has told that has changed after she became a mother."This birthday I celebrated in a new quality - a year ago became a mother. And now feel in a new way, a real Woman. Motherhood is a wonderful feeling! I now have my first child. Читать полностью -->

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