Madonna has blessed hearing oligarchs for $7 million

Madonna has blessed hearing oligarchs for $7 millionPopular singer Madonna during his tour in Russia for a few hours late for his own concert in Moscow. As it turned out, to act in time, it has prevented private party on the ruble, where the pop diva humoured hearing Russian oligarchs.On the background of other stars Madonna is punctual and her shows often start late. Who came to her concert had to wait about three hours in a stuffy hall of the Moscow "Olympic" yet to see a performance by the singer.As it turned out, a world-famous celebrity who loves to speak from the stage for equality, freedom and rights "downtrodden and oppressed" are not averse to sacrifice his fans for a living. In the "Olympic" Madonna was late, pausing at corporate for one of our compatriots on the ruble. Western pop diva humoured hearing Russian oligarchs at a private party in the exclusive village CottonWay on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. According to the information Days.Roo, the amount of the fee for such a statement amounted to seven millions of dollars."If it (the delay) happened with our artists - would have torn to pieces," commented Days.Ru this behavior of the singer known producer Joseph Prigogine. Читать полностью -->

Lazarev traded Kudryavtsev on the young stranger

Lazarev traded Kudryavtsev on the young stranger Despite the fact that Sergey and Lera are still considered a pair with a long-lasting relationship, in reality it seems all is not as rosy as it seems at first glance. The other day it became known that Lazarev went to vacation in Spain, in San Sebastian, not inviting Kudryavtsev to join.As it turned out, bored alone Sergey there is not necessary - together with the singer on the resort there is a certain young blonde Lazarev refers to in his microblog friend.Who is this mysterious girl is still unknown, but judging by the photos that Sergey has repeatedly published on his page in the social network, the couple spends all the time together. Source: Lazarev traded Kudryavtsev on the young stranger . . . . Читать полностью -->

`The hunger games` became the winner of the MTV Movie Awards

`The hunger games` became the winner of the MTV Movie AwardsFantastic action-dystopia of the Hunger games (The Hunger Games, 2012) collected four awards MTV Movie Awards, including awards for best actor and best actress. In two categories noted last movie of Harry Potter, and johnny Depp recognized actor of the generation, according to OpenSpace with reference to The Independent."The hunger games", in addition to the premiums starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, received awards for "best fight" and "best adaptation".As stated Hutcherson, he "wanted to get "Golden Cup popcorn" since the age of four".Prizes for best cast and best hero got "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, 2011), and the film of the year by viewers of MTV was the picture of the Twilight Saga. Saga: breaking Dawn - part 1" (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, 2011).Johnny Depp noted in the nomination "recognition generation", which the actor ironically called "reward "you are out of business". Instead of an acceptance speech johnny Depp has performed with the American band the Black Keys.Also during the ceremony of awarding the company Warner Bros. Pictures has unveiled the new trailer and teaser for the film by Christopher Nolan "the Dark knight: the legend", which included previously unseen footage of their published site television show MTV Movie Awards published since 1992. Winners in all categories are determined by audience voting on the MTV website. Читать полностью -->

Single handsome Hollywood

Single handsome Hollywood Of them dream of millions of women, they are young, beautiful, rich and popular. But all of them are free and are waiting for the one, the one and only that for a lifetime. Someone divorced, someone broke our hearts heartless girlfriend, and someone hasn't decided to tie the knot in a serious relationship.So who are unmarried handsome Hollywood? I offer you the "cream" - the eligible bachelor.Matthew McConaugheyThe star of romantic comedies (How to get a guy in 10 days", "Ghosts of girlfriends past") and adventure films ("Sugar") not only is the honorary first place, but also received the title of "Mr. press. And this is not to mention his beaming white-toothed smile and the reception look! In General, according to the mother, 37-year-old McConaughey, her son is a very humble and honest character guy.Well, mom, as they say, better...Jake GyllenhaalSurviving breakup with Kirsten dunst, Jake is ready for a new relationship. They say he loves children and enjoy tinkering with her little niece. Читать полностью -->

Mistress-sex Katya Ivanova posing naked for Ronnie wood

Mistress-sex Katya Ivanova posing naked for Ronnie woodThe Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie wood, who had abandoned his wife for a 19 year old waitress from Moscow, now draws a naked girl in his estate in Ireland and sells her portraits in a nearby gallery.The work is estimated by experts at 8000 pounds, writes the Daily Mail.Employees of the gallery in Dublin, which exhibits one of 60 portraits of Russian girls, said that while the Creator of the masterpiece did not appear at them, assuming that he can't break through the tight ring of pubs surrounding the exhibition hall.Ex-boyfriend Katya Ivanova, 26-year-old music technician Chris Keeley doesn't believe in what happened. "He started to ask her to Ireland. She posed for him, and the proceeds from the paintings he promised her to give. I was jealous - I was with him not to compete. I never thought that my girl is taken away 61-year-old man," said the rejected boyfriend.Recall that Ronnie wood left his wife for the sake of Katya Ivanova and moved with her to an estate in Ireland. The father of four children, the 61-year-old wood met tineydzherka during one of his drinking in a bar in Leicester square, after the premiere of the picture "let there be light," Martin Scorsese documentary about the Rolling Stones musician.Yesterday the musician's wife former model Jo wood, who believed that the couple went together to the art festival, said, dumbfounded that such antics youngsters. Читать полностью -->

A rating of the sexiest brunettes of Hollywood

A rating of the sexiest brunettes of Hollywood American portal about celebrities Starpulse has presented a rating of the sexiest brunettes in Hollywood.Yesterday was released the names of 10 of the sexiest blondes in Hollywood - first place went to the star of "Gossip girl" Blake lively. And today a popular American news portal presented sexiest brunettes. According to visitors of the website, the sexy brunette is Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale. The rating was made on the basis of voting of visitors of the portal. We present to your attention the names of the other Babes-brunettes!1. British actress, star of "Another world" Kate Beckinsale2. Читать полностью -->

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