Jackie Chan goes to bed

Jackie Chan goes to bedThe actor said at the Cannes film festival. In addition to new dresses at the Cannes film festival, as well as on any other significant news appear. One such news this year was the information that Jackie Chan is retiring.Of this decision, the actor announced during the presentation of his new project, calling his last as an actor-combatant. "This is my last action. I'm not young. And I'm very, very tired.". Читать полностью -->

Anne Hathaway is waiting for the firstborn

Anne Hathaway is waiting for the firstbornFamous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway is waiting for the firstborn. About the interesting position of the actress spoke after she and her fiance Adam Shulman invited the parents and arranged a great feast, during which the Hathaway hasn't even touched alcohol.It is reported that the 29-year-old Anne Hathaway with her boyfriend Adam Shulman gave a dinner to which he called their parents. There the lovers announced to the relatives of some important news. Eyewitnesses reported that after the whole family was very happy and was celebrating. Meanwhile Hollywood actress and didn't touch the wine that literally flowed at the party, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets". It is from this caveat secular chroniclers made a clear conclusion: Anne Hathaway is pregnant.It is noteworthy that the heroes of the occasion flatly refuse to comment on details of his personal life. Читать полностью -->

Named the most sexual of domestic actress

Named the most sexual of domestic actress One of the authoritative Russian editions made a rating of the sexiest Actresses of the Russian Federation. In the vote was attended exclusively by men, and that's what happened in the end.First place went to actress Natalya Employment, which became known to a wide audience for her role in the TV series "Tatyana's day". The girl became the absolute leader, gaining the highest number of votes.Second place for the wife of Alexei Chadova, Agnia Ditkovskite. Even despite the fact that the girl's heart already belongs to someone else, Russian men appreciate beauty and sexuality Agnes, so it was on the second place of the rating.And closes the top three Elena Korikova. The actress has already more than forty years old, but it seems that her beauty is also known for the film "Mistress into maid" and the TV series "Poor Nastya" every year it only gets brighter.In addition, the rankings were Katerina Klimova, Marina Aleksandrova, Liza Boyarskaya, Anna Kovalchuk and others. Source: Named the most sexual of domestic actress . Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga disgraced in front of their fans

Lady Gaga disgraced in front of their fans One of the most popular and controversial modern artists Lady Gaga were embarrassed in front of his many fans. The singer threw up several times on the stage. They say the artist, which suggest pregnancy, suffering from terrible morning sickness.An unpleasant incident occurred in the capital of Spain, Barcelona, where he arrived Lady Gaga a part of her world tour. The actress, who made a remarkable recovery, according to the scenario slowly walked down the stairs towards the party of dancers, suddenly turned and, bent in half, revealed to the stunned audience all the contents of his stomach.Barely cope with him and when he reached the dancer, Lady Gaga, courageously continuing his speech, made a few steps, turned away from the still unconscious of spectators, and again bent over the floor. She threw up four times as much. Ingenious dancer instantly covered the flamboyant performer's own body and became incendiary move. Читать полностью -->

Rapper Snoop Dogg for 2 years, closed in Norway

Rapper Snoop Dogg for 2 years, closed in NorwayFamous American rapper Snoop Dogg for two years will be denied entry to Norway due to the fact that he tried to smuggle into the country drugs, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Norwegian English newspaper The Local.We will remind, last week the Norwegian police at the airport Kristiansand detained artist after customs officers found him eight grams of marijuana and the amount of cash exceeding permitted by local law. Thereafter, the court sentenced the rapper to pay a fine in the amount of 12 thousand Norwegian kroner (about two thousand dollars). But then law enforcement authorities have required the court to impose more stringent punishment to the musician, in consequence of which he was forbidden to come into the country. About it the newspaper said the lawyer representing the interests Dogg."The artist and his creative team decided that will survive this decision. They respect this decision and will not try to appeal against it," - said in an interview with the newspaper's lawyer musician Holger Haeseler.Snoop Dogg earlier, they had appeared before the court for possession and trafficking of narcotics. He was also charged with possession of weapons and attempted to carry on Board the plane Taser, which, according to the representative of the musician, got into hand Luggage by mistake.We also recall that on Monday, Snoop Dogg said at a press conference in new York that is tired of hip-hop, now intends to focus on music, reggae and even changed his name to Snoop lion.According to the musician, during a visit in February to Jamaica as if he has experienced a rebirth", "made contact" with the spirit of the most famous artist in the reggae of Bob Marley and now it is "reincarnation".Rohan, the son of Bob Marley, was present at the press conference and blessed the new Thriller.Also, the rapper stated that ceases to sing about violence and now his music will be filled with "peaceful vibrations" of reggae. Читать полностью -->

Gisele Bundchen tries to hide the rounded tummy

Gisele Bundchen tries to hide the rounded tummy Legendary model Gisele Bundchen continues to ignore the rumors about her pregnancy, but every day to hide his interesting position becomes increasingly difficult.The other day a Brazilian model appeared in public in a baggy shirt, from under which, during a failed show of hands, peeking rounded tummy. Note that just a few months ago Giselle willingly showed her slim figure and perfectly flat stomach in one beach photo shoots.Meanwhile, sources close to the model and her husband Tom Brady reported that the star is indeed expecting her second child:"Yes, she's pregnant," says the source, " She's three months pregnant. She and her husband are incredibly happy.". . . . Читать полностью -->

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