The soloist `Disco Crash` left the band

The soloist `Disco Crash` left the bandPopular group "Disco Crash" was orphaned. Rogue left the soloist and one of the founders of the mega-team of Nikolay Timofeev.Before leaving, musician burned all the bridges. He cast an uncompromising veto all of the soundtrack with his voice. While the singer has no legal rights to use the songs "Disco Crash", so Ron will have to start over, as 22 years ago.Abandoned the band give this assessment of the events:"Certainly, we are too hard to realize that Nicholas decided to leave the group. But he made his choice we must respect.". . Читать полностью -->

The condition remains heavy Armor

The condition remains heavy ArmorThe state of health of people's artist of the USSR Leonid Armor, who has undergone heart surgery after a massive heart attack and is in the Kyiv city centre of heart "remains heavy with the emerging trend towards improvement", reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the administration center.According to its Director, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Boris Todorov, Armour is provided with all necessary medicines and equipment.Ukrainian doctors say that Armor will remain in the Center of the heart before the completion of the rehabilitation course.We will remind, in Kiev came actor's wife Victoria, she was allocated a bed in the clinic. The doctors believe that her presence will have a positive impact on rehabilitation.Previously, Todorov reported that "all possible operations in this situation now conducted and the patient needs time to recover". He also noted that "if the next two days will be calm, you can think about how to exuberate patient and to fully spontaneous breathing". While the actor is on a ventilator.As reported, on Tuesday, the day after the end of the tour of the theatre "Lenkom" in Kiev, Armour became ill, and in the morning he was taken to Kyiv city centre of heart with myocardial infarction. The actor underwent a difficult operation - put three stents.People's artist of the USSR Armor came to Kiev as part of a group of actors of theatre "Lenkom" in the context of the tour, which took place in the Ukrainian capital from 8 to 17 September. The actor was involved in the play "the Cherry orchard", the tour programme was a three play by Chekhov - 14, 16 and 17 September.Leonid Bronevoy was born in Kiev on December 17, 1928. Читать полностью -->

At the festival in Toronto won the film David O. Russell

At the festival in Toronto won the film David O. RussellThe main prize of the festival in Toronto - the People's Choice award ("Choice of the people") - September 16, received the David Russell, "a Collection of rays of hope" ("Silver Linings Playbook"), Agence France-Presse.A film with Bradley Cooper in the title role is a tragicomic adaptation of the eponymous novel by Matthew Quick (Matthew Quick). The film tells the story of a former teacher who, after spending eight months in a psychiatric hospital, returns to his parents (Robert de Niro and Jackie weaver) and tries to re-establish family life.Premiere of David O. Russell was at a festival in Toronto September 8. In American, the film will be released on November 21.Among the other winners of the festival - the film Bartolomeo Cubbins "Artifact" ("Artifact"), received the main prize in the field of documentary film. The leader of the band "30 Seconds to Mars" Jared Leto, who is hiding under the pseudonym Cubbins, is a story about the creation of the album "This Is War" and about the complicated relationship of the group with Virgin Records.Award of the International Critics` Prize (the"Prize of the international critics") was awarded to the film by franГ§ois Ozon, "In the house" ("Dans la maison"). Читать полностью -->

Russian musicians performed in Carthage

Russian musicians performed in CarthageThe Tunis Carthage on Monday in the framework of the 19th annual international music festival, a concert of Russian musicians of the Maria Nemtsova (piano) and Vitaly Vituli (saxophone). The concert was held in Acropolium, the former Catholic Cathedral of St. Louis, ITAR-TASS reported.On stage sounded like classical works of Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, and the works of composers of the twentieth century - Ibera, Wainana, Millau and Decroce.Maria Nemtsova and Vitaly Vatulya are winners of many international competitions, and the founders of the charity Music project for peace. From October 2011 to may 2012 they organized and conducted 25 charity concerts and workshops for children and teenagers in Russia, Europe, South America, middle East and Africa. The aim was to involve young people living in troubled parts of the world (Beslan, Kosovo, Haifa, Tunisia, etc.), to the world of music, to support young talents in improving their skills.The Duo is not the first time stands in Tunisia. In November last year as part of the Music for peace they held a series of workshops and concerts. Читать полностью -->

Salma Hayek appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine

Salma Hayek appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine Hollywood actress Salma Hayek in once again delighted fans with a sexy photo shoot.45-year-old movie star appeared on the cover of a glossy magazine Vogue Germany in a chic bodycon dress, successfully emphasizing her gorgeous forms. On the pages of the September issue of the German "Bible of fashion" Salma traditionally demonstrates its beauty, and in an interview with the magazine talks about his future plans and dreams:"I dream about the film that will inspire people and give them a new sense of life," says the actress, "I'm curious to see the picture, which will turn the world upside down and will help people become happy and realize your destiny". Source: Salma Hayek appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine . . . . Читать полностью -->

Damaged a painting by Mark Rothko artist from Russia arrested

Damaged a painting by Mark Rothko artist from Russia arrestedBritish police arrested artist of Russia Vladimir Umanets, damaged a painting by Mark Rothko at Tate Modern, Agence France-Presse.The police announced that the suspect was taken into custody on Monday evening, October 8, in the town of Worthing, Sussex County. Some time, the detainee will be detained at the local police station, and then, as expected, it will be sent to London. In a statement to the police the name of Umanets is not mentioned, it is only said that the suspect is 26-year-old man.Painting Black on a dark red" (Black on Maroon, 1958) was damaged in the Tate Modern gallery on Sunday, October 7. To the canvas with a black marker or black paint was applied inscription: "Vladimir Umanets, 12. Potential product yellouizma" ("Vladimir Umanets, A Potential Piece of Yellowism").Umanets, who turned artist from Russia, in an interview with British media admitted that it was he who caused the inscription on Rothko painting, stressing that he does not consider his act of vandalism.Black on dark red, which is shamovsky cycle" ("Seagram murals"), exhibited in a London gallery from February 1970. Estimated estimated cost of this work Rothko is about $ 80 million. Читать полностью -->

Stallone asked to leave alone the memory of his son

Stallone asked to leave alone the memory of his sonRecently passed away sage Stallone, and mass-media in eager rivalry began to put forward the reasons for his death: from accident to suicide and drug abuse. Sylvester Stallone made an official statement with the request to leave the memory of his child alone."There is no greater pain than losing your own child," said Sylvester. And so I beg you people to respect the memory of my talented son and feel compassion for his loving mother Sasha. This agonizing loss will be with us until the end of our days. Sage was our first child, our center of the universe. And I humbly ask that you to leave alone the memory of my son and his good name". Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone fainted during the fashion show

Sharon stone fainted during the fashion showIn the night of Sunday Hollywood star Sharon stone fainted during the show models of the fashion house Fendi in Milan and was urgently hospitalized, reports NEWSru Israel.In the event the stone was invited as head of the charity amfAR, collecting funds for research and finding cures for AIDS.In the hospital for 54-year-old actress, suffering from constant migraines, first aid, after which she was discharged. Doctors believe that health stone in order, the cause of syncope was the fatigue resulting from too tight schedule.Media are reminded that in 2001, the actress suffered a brain hemorrhage and long years of suffering from headaches, but before coming to the reception of the charitable organization she assured everyone that feels great."Even wild horses can't stop me" - so described the stone, whose Fund has collected this time around 1.1 million dollars, your health.on 22 September, in Milan hosted a charity dinner organization amfAR dedicated to raising funds for projects on AIDS prevention and treatment of HIV-infected patients. As usual, at the amfAR party was crowded with celebrities. Moreover, if the majority of men came in suits, the ladies chose a very immodest clothes.Led this evening, timed to coincide with fashion week in Milan, the famous Hollywood actress Sharon stone. By all accounts, she looks much younger than his age.From stars on the Milan charity event was also attended by American hip hop musician Theophilus London (with a friend "Slavic type"), the ubiquitous canadian-Israeli journalist Hofit Golan (seemingly at some point fairly tipsy), Brazilian top model Natalia Borges, French top model Constance Jablonski, actress and model DRI Hemingway (great-granddaughter of the great writer) and many others. Source: Sharon stone fainted during the fashion show. Читать полностью -->

`Not angels` presented a new clip

`Not angels` presented a new clip Popular Ukrainian duet "Neangely" unveiled a new music video.In a new video for a romantic song "Because I'm your" soloist Glory and Vic by tradition to show off their slim figure in revealing costumes.Girls appear before the audience in the form of two angels in white and black. It is noteworthy that "angels" is pretty revealing outfits that highlight their charms and in some episodes and is seen bare Breasts.Source: "Neangely" presented a new clip . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The driver, podwozie Marina Golub, was her friend

The driver, podwozie Marina Golub, was her friend Director Kirill Serebrennikov, who knew who died in a car accident Marina Golub, announced today on his page in Facebook that the driver, who drove the actress, was her friend."The driver who drove Marina - Dmitry, was not bambili, caught on the street by the owner, etc., whatever it is called mass media. She trusted this man, asked him to come to her. Don't need to write about him despicable nasties, not his fault in the incident. In his family, too, was a tragedy. Sorry I didn't say that dozens of media today who insisted on an interview, tried to break into the house (...). I hope someone will hear me - even for them it will be the only comment," wrote the Director.October 10 after midnight at the intersection of Prospekt Vernadskogo street Lobachevsky car Cadillac ran a red light and rammed Hyundai, which was blue. Читать полностью -->

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