In the fourth part of the `Transformers` will be new robots

In the fourth part of the `Transformers` will be new robotsIn the fourth part of "Transformers" the audience will be presented very different robots. As reported by the resource TFW2005, this statement was made by the President of Hasbro Brian Goldner at the conference Best Of Americas 2012.He explained that, despite the box office success of the third part, the line of toys released based on it, sold significantly worse than expected guidance Hasbro."That's why in the new film you will see the new transformers movie. And the plot will be built around them," he added. Brian Goldner also introduced the first logo picture available in high resolution via this link.We will remind that earlier it was also announced that starring in the first of the trilogy will not return in the fourth film. Their mission will take over other actors.The third part has collected in world hire more than one billion one hundred million dollars."Transformers 4" will be released on 27 June 2014. Source: In the fourth part of "Transformers" will have new robots. Читать полностью -->

Claire Danes photographed for GQ magazine

Claire Danes photographed for GQ magazine American actress Claire Danes graced the cover of the September issue of British GQ magazine.33-year-old movie star, who recently confirmed the pregnancy rumors, appeared on the cover of gloss in luxurious Maxi dress milky color from the new collection of Ralph Lauren Black Label.In an interview with Claire admitted that he turned down the role of rose in the legendary film "Titanic" because of childish ambitions:"In that period when I got the offer from the producer of "Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio just finished shooting the film "Romeo and Juliet," says the actress, " I thought again to star in a romantic movie with Leo is too. Now I realize that was a dumb kid with ambition. I always work too seriously. Now that I'm older, I would have changed a lot and allow myself to be a teenager and not eager to grow up so fast". Source: Claire Danes photographed for GQ magazine . . Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Stotskaya told about my son and husband

Anastasia Stotskaya told about my son and husbandPopular singer Anastasia Stotskaya recently celebrated the 30th anniversary. The actress gave a candid interview in which he told about his son, about how drastically life changes with the change of hair color, and a husband who is carefully hidden from journalists.Recently Anastasia Stotskaya celebrated its 30th anniversary. The celebration took place in the cosy restaurant with a minimum of comfort. As part of the anniversary the artist has given the big interview in which has told that has changed after she became a mother."This birthday I celebrated in a new quality - a year ago became a mother. And now feel in a new way, a real Woman. Motherhood is a wonderful feeling! I now have my first child. Читать полностью -->

Edita celebrates two anniversaries at once

Edita celebrates two anniversaries at once Immediately celebrates two anniversaries today Edita. People's artist - 75, and 55 years she is on stage. She was named editeu in honor of the great Edith Piaf. And it determined the fate of the future star. Edita has always been a trendsetter on the stage, her today and try to imitate.And I love the amazing voice and heartfelt performance style. Traditionally, your birthday, the singer will celebrate with a concert. Читать полностью -->

Heidi Klum showed the gorgeous figure

Heidi Klum showed the gorgeous figurePopular German top model Heidi Klum posted on the microblogging own photo Nude body barely covered by the bikini. The model clearly enjoys being alone after divorce with your spouse, singer Shiloh.Heidi Klum has pleased his many fans on the social network Twitter, laying out in the microblogging photo, which appeared in the minimum of clothing. The model demonstrated tanned flat stomach and long legs. Heidi was lying on the beach in the company of a bottle of beer, which modestly hidden under the left foot. Celebrity signed photo: "Great day!" Not every 39-year-old mother of four children can afford to shoot in such a Frank way.A little earlier in the microblog Heidi Klum congratulated all Americans on independence Day, traditionally celebrated in the USA on 4 July. The mannequin has posted his own photo, which appeared in the summer hat, on a style like cowboy. Читать полностью -->

Valery Meladze divorces his wife

Valery Meladze divorces his wifeThe famous singer Valery Meladze was unable to save his family. According to rumors, his wife had filed for divorce and chose to protect their interests of a famous secular lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.Lawyer widely known for participating in such a loud family squabbles, as the scandal between Olga and Vladimir Slutsker, thanks to which the children were to live with the father, and the trial between Ruslan Baysarov and Christina Orbakaite, who could not share his son Danny. Now the time has come for a showdown in court between Irina and Valery Meladze.Despite the fact that the popular actor had tried to save a 20 year marriage with his wife and mother of three daughters, Irene first decided to cut the Gordian knot and filed for divorce. However, she still denies that gave the cause of stroke. But the defender Irene, the lawyer, Alexander Dobrovinsky, said that represents its interests. "Yes, I am a lawyer Irina Meladze. Читать полностью -->

The Nobel prize for literature was awarded to Mo Any

The Nobel prize for literature was awarded to Mo AnyThe Nobel prize for literature in 2012, has become Chinese writer Mo Yan. The award amount is approximately 1.1 million dollars.Bookmakers considered the favorite of the Japanese Haruki Murakami - bets the day before the awards ceremony firm Ladbrokes was adopted in the ratio of 2 to 1. Source: Nobel prize for literature was awarded to Mo Any. . . . Читать полностью -->

`Naked Harry` became `man of the year`

`Naked Harry` became `man of the year`Britain's Prince Harry became the "man of the year" by one of the most prestigious publications in the UK. Turned out that naked party monarch went only to the benefit of its popularity.The British version of the famous glossy magazine Tatler named the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana Harry "man of the year". Interestingly, he became the first man over the last 20 years, which appeared on the cover of the publication. Before him on the front page was his father, Prince Charles.Harry recognized the "most attractive and charismatic representative of the Royal family for generations," according to the business newspaper "Sight". In a long article about him the Prince appears as a brave military man, a caring friend and a generous philanthropist. "Harry is a true warrior Prince, a man with a big heart. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears caught outside in a bad way

Britney Spears caught outside in a bad way No sooner had many stars fans get enough of the transformations that occurred with Brit in recent months, as American paparazzi shocking new photos. It turns out with style, Spears still all is not as rosy as it seems.Recently, photographers on the streets of Los Angeles, when she, accompanied by a guard, went to the store to shop. Looked at that, Britney, more than ridiculous: short shorts, the singer has added a turquoise sweater under the throat, sleeveless.Crack Spears "flaunted" quite a classic shoes with huge heels. With hair Brit and even decided not to bother and just put your hair up, the tips of which are recently painted in blue color in the beam. On the one hand, of course, this is just an ordinary trip to the grocery store, but then again - Britney, your age and your status in the outfits still need to be more selective. Source: Britney Spears caught outside in a bad way . Читать полностью -->

Singer Robbie Williams first became a father

Singer Robbie Williams first became a fatherStar British pop singer Robbie Williams first became a father. The former soloist of group "Take That" and his wife, actress Coaching field, American of Turkish origin, was born a girl, what Williams announced Tuesday night on his Twitter.The newborn was named Theodora rose. Not so long ago, Robbie Williams said he intends to give their child a common name. According to him, he didn't want to follow the example of other celebrities that name their children specially invented names.Daughter Robbie Williams was born in London, ITAR-TASS reported. On the eve of the birth of a child, the singer went on a concert tour in the UK, but in order to give birth to be with his wife, he constantly kept ready private jet.Currently the couple reside in Beverly hills around Los Angeles, but Robbie, he said, wants the child was reared in his native English spirit. Williams is not satisfied with the quality of education in American schools. Читать полностью -->

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