Daria Zhukov was awarded the prize collector Leo Castelli

Daria Zhukov was awarded the prize collector Leo CastelliThe Creator of the Moscow Center of contemporary culture "Garage" Daria Zhukova won the Leo award Award 2012, which is awarded by the International Association of independent curators (ICI). It is reported Gallerist NY.Zhukov was awarded for its approach, innovative and visionary, to build new institutions, as well as providing opportunities for educators and artists. The Leo award Award was named after the famous American gallerist and collector, who in the second half of the twentieth century was one of the most influential contemporary art galleries.Previously Leo Award was awarded to the artists Roy Lichtenstein, Chuck close, John waters and others. Daria Zhukova will receive the award on November 19, 2012, when the ICI will conduct an annual auction.Daria Zhukova opened the "Garage" in 2008; the centre's activities began with a retrospective of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Zhukov also held an exhibition of Mark Rothko, James Turrel, performances of Marina Abramovic and many others. Daria Zhukova is the editor in chief of Garage magazine.CSK "Garage" from 2008 to 2011 were located on the street Obraztsova. Читать полностью -->

Scarlett Johansson was diligently engaged in sports

Scarlett Johansson was diligently engaged in sports For anybody not a secret that the figure Scarlett is far from the generally accepted parameters of beauty. But the actress always this proud. The girl not only going to lose weight, but also skillfully presents its magnificent dimensions, whereby the first year is considered one of the sex symbols of Hollywood.Though recently the actress was a bit blurred. Anyway, the photos taken by the paparazzi on the beach, showed a rather big tummy and curvy hips Johanson covered with cellulite.Apparently, these images are seen not only we, but Scarlett. And seen, it clearly did not like, and she was diligently engaged in the sport.Even now, while on holiday in Paris, the actress makes everyday kilometers of Jogging with a personal trainer. And the result was not long in coming. Читать полностью -->

Natalie Portman dyed blonde

Natalie Portman dyed blondeFamous Hollywood actress, star of films "Leon" and "Black Swan" Natalie Portman dramatically changed the image. Brunette from nature, 31-year-old actress has dyed blonde.Natalie Portman was rather surprised by his numerous fans and reporters at the recent social event dedicated to the dance. The fact that the spouse Natalie Benjamin Millepied is very close to this area - he is a choreographer. However, at parties all the attention of photographers were attracted exclusively to comely wife the dancer - Natalie Portman. Actress radically changed the image, precrisis in blonde.In this experiment Portman went solely for the sake of a new role. "My mom says I'm different now. Читать полностью -->

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was completely naked for GQ magazine

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was completely naked for GQ magazine Rosie appears on the cover of the August issue of GQ Germany. The photo shoot turned out as honest, but, surprisingly chaste.She once again demonstrated her perfect body and long slender legs that will drive you crazy not only millions of men, but also a considerable number of women, envious dreaming about the same proportions.By the way, in addition to a naked Rosie Huntington Whiteley editorial Board published another selection of the best models that have ever been revealed in the pages of GQ. Source: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was completely naked for GQ magazine . . . . Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga turned into a bride

Lady Gaga turned into a bride The flamboyant Lady Gaga wore a veil and wedding dress, playing the role of the bride. Unfortunately, all these cross-dressing was only ever in her new fashion video.In the video with the provocative title "BARN HOOKER AND MOTHER" Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney appear to us as a bridegroom and bride.A gentle way Suite alternates with the brutal way the girl in the fishnet pantyhose, wrapped with a black harness.I hope for a real wedding Lady Gaga will choose a more original outfit, and while watching the video:By the way, recently the singer and Taylor Kinney celebrated the anniversary of their relationship. Recall that they met on the filming of the video for Gaga's "You And I", where Taylor played her lover. It is likely that new video - this kind of rehearsal for the upcoming ceremony.Source: Lady Gaga transformed into the bride . . . Читать полностью -->

Sexiest men of 2012

Sexiest men of 2012 So, the list of "sexiest men of 2012" were announced. According to the decision of readers of British Glamour gloss, 1st place went to "the main vampire of all times and peoples" Robert Pattinson, who is heading the list for the 4th year in a row.A little less sexy, in the opinion of the Brits, was Tom Hiddleston. And rounded out the top three indefatigable johnny Depp. In addition, the list was: one more from the family of "long-livers" Ian Somerhalder (12th), "twilight's" Taylor Lautner (7th place), the "iron man" Robert Downey Jr. (6th place).What is surprising: the handsome David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds, though, and ended up on the list, but was left far behind. David 46 place, and Ryan is just 50. Читать полностью -->

Death of the performer of the role of Denis Korablev

Death of the performer of the role of Denis KorablevThe star of the 1970s Sergey Krupennikov - "Denis" from children's films - he died tragically. Going by Bicycle 49-year-old actor was hit by a motorcyclist.Sergey Krupennikov starred in pictures for children, including "Where does it go, where is it heard" the stories of Victor Dragunsky "Deniskin stories", "Dear boy", "Funny dream, or Laughter and tears", "Magic voice Gelsomino". His role will long be remembered not only because of the famous phrase "Vasya's father is good at math!", but on the bright image of a red - haired, freckled and talented boy perfectly coped with the role of a naughty and restless."Few actors awarded this honor twice during the year to appear on the cover of "the Soviet screen". First, the fourth, and then on the first pages, is told in 1975 directed by Valentin Gorlov. - Sixth grade student 318-th school of Leningrad Sergei Krupnikov did it.". . Читать полностью -->

Wife had a baby girl Makarska

Wife had a baby girl MakarskaThe wife of actor Anton Makarsky singer Victoria Morozova in one of the hospitals of Jerusalem gave birth to a daughter. The actor flew to Israel to see the long-awaited birth of the first child. Girl the couple named Maria."She feels great! - shared the joy of a new father. - We are in an Israeli hospital. There is not customary to measure the growth of the child. I can say this: today the wife gave me exactly three pounds of absolute happiness! Thanks for the kind words! We will try to grow big and healthy to the delight of all!". Читать полностью -->

Johnny Depp tries to get Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp tries to get Vanessa ParadisActor johnny Depp, after parting with new girlfriend amber heard, went to France to Vanessa Paradis and their children in an attempt to restore the relationship. Hollywood star wants to return to the warmth of family comfort.Hollywood sex symbol johnny Depp flew to the South of France to spend with my family some time in between filming. The star of "Pirates of the Caribbean decided to return the location of the mother of their two children and longtime sweetheart Vanessa Paradis. He gave her an antique gold pendant engraved with the touching: "My heart is always with you.". . . Читать полностью -->

Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend got married

Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend got marriedThe star of "Sex and the city" Cynthia Nixon has married his old sweetheart she is She.Hollywood actress confirmed rumors that last Sunday she became the official wife of his girlfriend. According to witnesses, Cynthia looked flawless in a dress from the new collection of Carolina Herrera."on may 27, Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend Christine She got married in new York state", - said the representative of the actress.Recall that three years ago, 46-year-old Cynthia and 45-year-old Christine announced their engagement. The actress was looking forward to the legalization of gay marriage in new York and repeatedly made public statements on this subject:"I certainly like to be engaged," said Cynthia, " But the engagement has been much delayed... looking forward To when we can get married!". Source: Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend got married. . Читать полностью -->

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