Appeared the first photo of Lindsay Lohan in Elizabeth Taylor

Appeared the first photo of Lindsay Lohan in Elizabeth TaylorIn the Internet appeared the first photo of Lindsay Lohan appears in an image of Elizabeth Taylor. Lohan plays the role of Taylor in the TV movie "Liz and dick" Lifetime channel.Speech in the film will be about the relationship between Elizabeth and actor Richard Burton. Taylor and Burton was twice married " (from 1964 to 1974 and from 1975 to 1976), and repeatedly acted together. In particular, both actors were engaged in "Very important person", "Cleopatra", "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?", "Doctor Faustus", "the taming of the shrew" and "Boom".The role of Burton in Lifetime's new movie takes the Grant bowler, known for the television series "lost", "Lost world", "Ugly Betty" and "True blood".The shooting of the film "dick and Liz" began on 4 June. Source: first photo of Lindsay Lohan in Elizabeth Taylor. . Читать полностью -->

Bezrukov went to the hospital directly from the set

Bezrukov went to the hospital directly from the setSergey Bezrukov, which is now withdrawn in the second part of the cult Soviet film Gentlemen of fortune and plays him as a Professor, was taken to the hospital directly from the set.Partners Sergey Bezrukov on the shooting of the film Gentlemen of fortune 2, in which the actor plays a Professor, told reporters that Sergei felt dizzy and started to vomit. The shooting had stopped and the doctor took him to the doctors. After examination was diagnosed with heat stroke.This happened due to the fact that the shooting of the film take place in Israel, where the daytime temperature reaches 35 degrees above zero. The actors are under the blazing sun all day. Probably the body of Sergey Bezrukov not withstand such loads.After I was diagnosed, the doctors insisted on hospitalization Sergei, but the actor refused - he returned to the set and the work continued. Source: Bezrukov went to the hospital directly from the set. Читать полностью -->

In Cannes showed the most mysterious film of the competitive program

In Cannes showed the most mysterious film of the competitive program Mexican Director Carlos reygadas, known for "Battle in heaven" and with 2007 Cannes jury prize "Silent light", brought to the festival the most mysterious film of the current competition program entitled "After darkness light" (Post Tenebras Lux), RIA "Novosti".The main characters, Juan and Natalia (Adolfo jimГ©nez Castro and Natalia Semedo), move to live out of the city to the village together with two children, Ruth and Eleazar, who played children of the Director."To remove children - that is, to remove water or trees. Awesome experience. They, of course, had no idea what we are talking about the film, and acted as accustomed. From adults I tried to achieve the same effect," he said Thursday at a press conference in Cannes.Apart from the fact that we are talking about family, in the story of the little that is clear, and the image from time to time turns out to be blurred and double edges."It's a matter of Outlook on life. I transform it a bit - people in this format seem to be very beautiful. We filmed with 10 cameras and tried to distort captured on the installation," explained Reygadas.He spoke about the title."I was a little worried when I was assigned a film called "After darkness light", because in the credits of the previous film had the word "light". Читать полностью -->

Alessandra Ambrosio showed his son

Alessandra Ambrosio showed his son Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio showed his son Noah.Angel brand Victoria's Secret has shared with fans the first photos of her newborn baby on the social network Facebook. Some photographs taken for advertising Pampers, in addition to Alessandra and Noah appeared and three year old daughter models Anya."I wanted to share with you the photos we did for Pampers, - Alessandra wrote on his page in the social network, "I am grateful to the company that, in addition to a quality product, they help needy children". Source: Alessandra Ambrosio showed his son . . . . Читать полностью -->

Called the name of the buyer of the painting `the Scream` by Edvard Munch

Called the name of the buyer of the painting `the Scream` by Edvard MunchThe owner of the most expensive paintings in the world became well-known entrepreneur and collector from new York.According to citing local media, a painting by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's "the Scream" has become an American businessman and famous new York collector Leon black. In may this year, the entrepreneur bought the painting at auction for a record sum. It is noted that officially, neither the black nor the press service of his company Apollo Global Management do not give comments on the issue.We will remind, "the Scream" was sold at auction Sotheby ' s. The cost of the lot was $119.9 million dollars, thus the painting became the most expensive work in the entire history of public auctions. It is noted that, the auction lasted only 12 minutes, during which time the starting price of the Scream rose from $40 million to almost 3 times. Then the name of the new owner of the most expensive painting in the world was not called.Name Leon black is also often heard in the art world. Читать полностью -->

Beyonce appeared without makeup

Beyonce appeared without makeup American singer Beyonce after the birth of his daughter has not committed to be the main diva of the planet.Pop star appeared at the premiere of one of the musicals in new York wearing a short black shorts and a blouse in black and white stripes. According to eyewitnesses, at a social event Beyonce looked tired.Note that before the birth of his daughter blue ivy, the singer was rare to see in public without a professional make-up and without high heels. But now beyoncГ© is increasingly appearing on social events in shoes without heels, and bright without makeup. Source: Beyonce appeared without makeup . . . Читать полностью -->

Bar Refaeli stripped off for men's magazine Maxim

Bar Refaeli stripped off for men's magazine Maxim 27-year-old beauty took part in a sexy photo shoot for the September issue of Maxim magazine. On the pages of men's gloss Bar, which was topped an annual ranking of Maxim's"100 sexiest women in the world" showcases luxurious figure in lingerie.In an interview with the magazine, the model admitted that to get the title of the sexiest women of the planet she was incredibly nice:"I think I'm dreaming," she says, " I still can't believe it! I'm waiting for someone to call me and say that this is a mistake... to Obtain this title is very flattering.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Singer Oleg Romanenko took part in the celebration of the independence Day of Maldives

Singer Oleg Romanenko took part in the celebration of the independence Day of MaldivesSinger Oleg Romanenko, who went on a well deserved vacation to the Maldives with his girlfriend model Anna Baranova, got into the thick of the celebration of the national celebration of the country - independence Day. In honor of this memorable event on July 26-27, in the capital island malГ©, parades, national security service and national cadet corps, the streets were decorated with huge amount of green and red banners, everywhere there and heard the tramp of dancing feet.I especially love the Maldivians "Bodu Beru" - the East African songs and dances to the drumbeat. Also a faithful companion to any festivals in the Maldives are jazz performances and ensembles pop. A magnificent celebration of independence Day is crowned by a Grand fireworks display."Everything happened on the island of malГ©. It was very cool. We sang and danced together with local artists and bands. Читать полностью -->

Wife will be at the bedside of Armor around the clock

Wife will be at the bedside of Armor around the clock The wife of Leonid Armor arrived in Kyiv city heart center where he is recovering from surgery. "The wife had already arrived. Now close and be able to be with him around the clock," - said the chief doctor of the center Boris Todorov. Wife Armour placed in next door.According to the doctor, the moral support of someone close can have a beneficial effect on the recovery of the actor, which is now only a matter of time. "Usually, after such a massive heart attack 3-4 days is local inflammation, tissue necrosis. Therefore, to expect any radical improvements. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney has recorded a Christmas song

Paul McCartney has recorded a Christmas songPaul McCartney took part in the recording of the collection of Christmas tunes Holidays Rule, according to the newspaper The Guardian. The album will be released on October 30th via Hear Music.Sir Paul sang written in 1946 song Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire, which has become a classic. The most famous version of this song was recorded by the American jazz pianist and singer NAT king Cole.One of the organizers of the project Sara Matarazzo (Sara Matarazzo) reported that each new album, appearing on Christmas eve, too traditional. So she tried to come up with something modern for a new generation. The newspaper notes that, apparently, in view of Materazzi about the spirit of the new generation quite successfully blended the veteran scene - McCartney this year was the 70th. However, she noted that even the moon would be less significant for her event than the participation of guitarist of The Beatles in this project.In the records of the collection was attended by both famous artists and less familiar to the public folk and indie musicians. Читать полностью -->

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