Armour began to breathe and talk

Armour began to breathe and talk In the state of health of the actor Leonid Armor there is positive dynamics, said the assistant Director of the heart Center, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Boris Todorov.Armour disconnected from the ventilator, breathing on his own, talking, his condition is improving, say in the Center of the heart.People's artist of the USSR Leonid Bronevoy was operated on last Tuesday. Doctors diagnosed him with an extensive myocardial infarction. A native of Kiev, famous actor with the troupe of the Moscow Lenkom theatre was on tour in the Ukrainian capital, which took place from 8 to 17 September.Source: the Armour began to breathe and talk . . . . Читать полностью -->

Anne Hathaway got married

Anne Hathaway got marriedHollywood actress Anne Hathaway married her beloved Adam Shulman. The wedding took place in a country estate located in California.Popular Hollywood actress, the star of the movie "the Devil wears Prada," Anne Hathaway got engaged with his long-time lover Adam Shulman. 29-year-old Hathaway and her 31-year-old groom tied the knot at a private ceremony held on Saturday evening in the town of big sur, People magazine writes. All the event was attended by about 180 guests arriving for a holiday rented for special shuttles.Some relatives just met at the place of celebration. The bride wore a Valentino dress. Her image was supplemented with original decoration and lush veil. Читать полностью -->

Rihanna undressed for perfume advertisement

Rihanna undressed for perfume advertisement Despite the fact that candid photo shoot is no surprise that celebrities often use nudity to attract attention to anything. As for Rihanna, who loves to pose in front of cameras in all its glory - here it is, as they say, God himself commanded.Recently, the singer shared with fans provocative pictures taken for advertising her new perfume with a simple title Nude. Photos blonde Riri covers herself languid and teasing glances. Source: Rihanna undressed for perfume advertisement . . . Читать полностью -->

Brezhnev tried to seduce a female fan on stage

Brezhnev tried to seduce a female fan on stagePopular singer and one of the sexiest blondes domestic scene Vera Brezhnev literally shocked many fans when suddenly pulled to the stage fan and forced her to touch her Breasts, hair and lips.Apparently, Vera Brezhneva tired of constant doubt of journalists in the naturalness of its forms and decided once and for all put an end to all the idle talk. The singer seems to have arrived at the conclusion that the only shocking can stop a series of rumors about the use of Botox and other foreign substances in your body, and the other day in his speech, the artist went on a radical step.Blonde in a long flowing red dress and with her blonde hair, standing on the stage, suddenly pulled from the audience the fan. "What about me only say no! And that my breast is silicone and hair extensions, and lips with Botox... That's you, girl, come here to me! Let's find out!" - quote singer Life News.Clearly confused fan, I felt a very uncomfortable feeling on stage, but still in the company of his idol, modestly stood still while Vera Brezhnev decided not to bring the situation under control. She grabbed the boy by the arm and put her hand right on his chest with the words: "Here, feel my Breasts. See, I have it natural?" Totally confused fan barely squeezed into the microphone that bust your Faith, natural.However, this "survey" is not over. Читать полностью -->

The kidnapper naked stars will punish prison and a fine of

The kidnapper naked stars will punish prison and a fine ofA hacker named Christopher, who is on trial for the theft of personal photos of the stars can be forced to pay their victims of cybercrime a tidy sum.Most expensive prosecutors estimated the damage caused to the Actresses Renee Olstead and Scarlett Johansson.Of course, the prosecution seeks to punish the hacker who was arrested in October of 2011, not only financial. According to prosecutors, the man deserves at least 71 months in prison.As to the reparation to the victims, singer Christine Aguilera hacker must pay 7.5 thousand dollars, Scarlett Johansson photos Nude more than 66 thousand, and Rene Olstead - about 78 thousand dollars.All the attacker has pleaded guilty to 9 crimes related to hacking activities. The sentence should be handed down on July 23.Recall that in the number of victims of cybererotica for the stars "strawberry" were also Actresses Jessica Alba and Mila kunis.Article source: TMZ, translation Source: Thief of naked stars will punish prison and a fine of. . . . Читать полностью -->

The monument pianist Nikolai Petrov opens at the cemetery Troekurov

The monument pianist Nikolai Petrov opens at the cemetery TroekurovExactly one year ago to the outstanding Russian pianist, people's artist of the USSR Nikolai Petrov. Today, on his feast day, at Troekurov cemetery will host the opening and consecration of the monument to the famous musician, ITAR-TASS reported.As have informed Agency in the International charity Fund Nikolay Petrov, the author of the monument - a famous sculptor, people's artist of the USSR, academician Gennady Provotorov.Nikolai Petrov was born in Moscow, in the famous musical family. His grandfather - bass Vasily Petrov - performed at the Bolshoi theatre with Feodor Chaliapin and Antonina Nezhdanova. Father was a cellist and soloist of the Bolshoi theatre, the mother - musical playwright. Petrov received an excellent education at the Central music school and Moscow Conservatory.Already in his youth, he became a laureate of the international competitions of the name of van Cliburn and Queen Elisabeth. Phenomenal talent of the Maestro conquered the discerning listeners of the most famous concert halls in the world. Читать полностью -->

The performance of Dmitry Krymov awarded at the Edinburgh festival

The performance of Dmitry Krymov awarded at the Edinburgh festivalPerformance by Russian Director Dmitry Krymov's "a Midsummer night's Dream" by Shakespeare awarded the BANK of Scotland Herald Angel at the Edinburgh International arts festival, which was held from 9 August to 2 September, reports RIA "Novosti".The award was established in 1995 main Scottish Herald and the Bank of Scotland and is awarded for the best performances and outstanding acting skills."For me - not only the award but the very presence at such a prestigious elitist festival a great success and honor. Although in absentia I've already been here more than 30 years ago, my father Anatoly Efros was shown in the framework of the Edinburgh forum two of its plays: Gogol's "Marriage" and "a month in the country" by Turgenev with my set design. And then played performances in the same luxurious Royal theatre with gilded lodges, where this time presented their work and we. And Edinburg remember about it, which is extremely nice... as for the rewards, for me and for my boys - this is some fantastically unexpected happiness," said Krymov Agency.The play "a Midsummer night's Dream" was performed on stage of the Royal Shakespeare theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon as part of world Shakespeare festival. In Moscow the premiere is scheduled for October 17. Читать полностью -->

Directed by Peter Fomenko will be buried at the Vagankovo cemetery

Directed by Peter Fomenko will be buried at the Vagankovo cemeteryCivil funeral on Director Peter Fomenko, who died Thursday morning in Moscow on 81-m to year of life will be held at the Theatre "Peter Fomenko's Workshop" on Monday, August 13, at 9:00, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Department of culture of Moscow. The Director will be buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.As explained in the theater, farewell will last until 13:00.As reported in the edition of Life News for the past week Fomenko was lying in the emergency room cardiology clinic Chazov. Recently his condition has become more complicated. Doctors treated him from the accumulation of fluid in the lungs, from which he died. "Almost cured, but tonight it somehow... something is not recovered, - said the publication of the spouse of a Director Maya stub. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick on the cover of ELLE magazine

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick on the cover of ELLE magazine Pop Princess struggling to catch up, and I must admit that she did it. As we approach the Zenith of fame, Britney has attracted more public attention.So, a popular gloss Elle decided to decorate your October issue vivid snapshots 30-year-old singer, whose photographer Alexi Lubomirski presented in a favorable light prettier and postalnews star.The journal also published an interview with Britney Spears in which the singer spoke about the preferences in clothing, relationship with the paparazzi and some other interesting aspects of life.His relaxed style:"I love your jeans and sweaters. By nature I'm a real Tomboy. So it's hard for me to look like Kim Kardashian and be in full makeup and hair every time I leave the house. You know, I didn't believe in it".Disregard for the mod:"When constantly wearing sweatpants, suddenly comes the idea that we ought to go one step higher.". . Читать полностью -->

The author of `naked` pictures of Kate Middleton spoke about the controversial shooting

The author of `naked` pictures of Kate Middleton spoke about the controversial shooting The author of the scandalous photo with his wife of Britain's Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton journalist Valerie Suo surprised rising sensation.If the author of photos of naked Prince Harry, veselovska the hotel Las Vegas, still hiding from journalists, and of justice, journalist, photograph the Duchess of Cambridge in indecent form, do not think to hide. Moreover, the Frenchwoman Valerie LMS does not consider himself guilty, report "News" with reference to the Daily Mail.As stated by the MSA, it was concerned about rising the hype is justified by the fact that Kate got naked in a public place.According to colleagues of the journalist, she was granted complete freedom of action, so she quietly removed vacationing couple."There were all other people, including ordinary pedestrians and cyclists, as well as the staff of the castle. And she is sure that the Duke knew about this and probably should have been somewhat more circumspect, showing off your body in such a public place," he told colleagues the MSA.The journalist stressed that around the castle (in France, William and Kate were great-uncle William Lord Linley - approx.) there was no protection and she took this not bare the Duchess, and sunbathers Kate.Supports the journalist and the chief editor of the Italian publication Chi, who also published the controversial photo, Alfonso Signorini. According to Signorini even a personal call from the Queen herself could have compelled him to abandon the publication of the images of the wife of Prince William.The publisher believes that in the pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing Topless, "there is nothing terrible or humiliating to human dignity". The editor also stated that the pictures are not offensive, and its publication is a sign of bad taste publishers.As noted by TSN, in a special 26-page room, which was released on September 17, appeared 50 candid photos sunbathing Duchess of Cambridge. Thus the edition notes that only they have a 200 scandalous pictures.Meanwhile, the editor of the Irish newspaper Irish Daily Star was suspended from work in connection with the publication of a book of photographs of partially Nude wife of Britain's Prince William - Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, reports stated by the owners of the publication - British group Northern and Shell and the Irish Independent News and Media, editor Michael O ' Kane suspended during an internal investigation, during which it will be clarified the circumstances of the publication in the Irish Daily Star pictures, which first appeared in the pages of the French magazine Closer. Читать полностью -->

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